Then you think your word is absolute! !!?
Hate politics, esp on the lower ranks where most people know what they get told or hear from the media!!

Best work towards your dreams instead of behaving as if your father owns certain parties! !!

Through it all….when the storm has calmed and the winds have died out….music and photography remain my first love.

Won’t say I miss them but they sometimes didn’t look bad on me!!

#TBT cc @amandambali Happy times….

As I look back on my previous plans….how well I executed them in my head and book. Only to be hit hard on the face faster than I could say: ” I got a plan”.

We all get hit, we can’t avoid/always prevent taking hits or our backs hitting the canvas. …..what’s important is: how long you stay down and if you are willing to stay defeated. Rise above your temporary failures, they are nothing more than minor setbacks.

Early morning greetings young world.

Not playing candy crush and Minion Rush

What I have been reduced to…..!!! I swear I will never tire myself too much at the gym or pass out before 10am!!