Looking for film crew to work with taking still images. Events and communications and or PR work.

Boys will be boys…..hunting frogs will be something I will never get over. Inquisitive mind…..playful nature, easy going sort of person. Love creatures, weird or familiar.

When they asked her that dreaded question. You got to love old ladies when they tease and hint.

There is nothing called perfection but we are all imperfectly perfect for each other. Nothing is as important as family. Treat yours with kindness, a lot of people would do anything to have what you have.

Laughter, fun and beautiful conversations. A beautiful day I had.

Proud uncle and new born nephew.

@kabelo_masuku thank you&your family for the lovely lunch. It was a pleasure being with you all.

Icon….inspirational woman, talented, arrogant, proud, phenomenal in every way.
Umama ka Bongane. #Brenda

Something to smile and be proud about. #Newtown #Jozi

Had enough trip down the pages of history. Some coffee to unwind and deliberate on the morning walk through Africa Museum.

Raising animals….