Don’t lose hope……always have faith things will work out eventually.
Hang in there.

Might look dangerous to you, but to them, otbis just play time!! Testing each other’s strength and agility. #Zulu_Culture #Stick_Fighting #Young_men #Ixopo #Kwa_Zulu_Natal
No Zulu man who went through this will ever back down from a fight once it breaks out for he would have tried by all means to avoid it or talk his way out of it. We are not violent, just proud and can stand our ground when need be!!

You do not have to go through life always looking over your shoulder or the past. Set your goals, put in work, reach your targets and live life with no regrets or “buts”!!

You buy this at woolworths, people got them as free growing plants this side. And they are huge! #Breakfast #Pomegrainite #Mpumalanga_Province

Sad reality

Then you think your word is absolute! !!?
Hate politics, esp on the lower ranks where most people know what they get told or hear from the media!!

Best work towards your dreams instead of behaving as if your father owns certain parties! !!

Through it all….when the storm has calmed and the winds have died out….music and photography remain my first love.

Won’t say I miss them but they sometimes didn’t look bad on me!!

#TBT cc @amandambali Happy times….