There is a lot you can read from a person’s face, more so from a woman’s face. I respect how women manage to keep it all together, how they defy all odds and hold on to hope even when all seems to be lost.
The masks they wear, the pain hidden beneath all that, it is just amazing.
With each passing day, what I thought was punishment from God has somehow turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Got me asking myself: “if I had resisted the changes for another year and fought to keep my job, would I have met all the people I have met and spoke to? Would I have managed to do something to see my passion grow? Would I have been happy knowing I ignored my heart’s desires? “
God works in mysterious ways, one thing I know is, with the right people in my corner, with knowledge and education, I can turn my hobby into something that can sustain my livelihood. God willing, #One_day_it_will_all_make_sense, when that day comes, I will rejoice for not giving up on myself.
Come next year, #Womans_Month will see me pay tribute to all tje strong women of the world, esp those who have helped me get to where I am.
I am grateful for the love of #photography. I might be a rough diamond in the rough, with practice&coaching, I will make it.

When you run out of that which you have been relying on for too long to numb the pain or momentarily take you away from your realities, you get a rude awakening and realise just how much time and resources you have wasted chasing fantasies.

The price of taking an innocent soul vs the illusion of a #pain_free_procedure! There are #Bush_machanics and then there are failed doctors/nurses/people promising young girls painless quick procedures to terminate life. #Free_cleaning??? All for a #Hundred_Rands.
#Walk_on young black man. Don’t let the fears of being responsible put you in a spot where you will endanger a young woman’s life.
#One_day_it_will_all_make_sense Life is as beautiful as you make ot to be amd as challenging as it was in the times of our forefathers. They made it through without all the freedom you have; the access to education/facilities and institutions that can guide you through parenthood.
Fear not your responsibilities.

#Solo_photo_walk. My #struggles are nothing compared to what other people are going through out there. My pain is nothing compared to what other men have felt out there. I am grateful to have gone through what I have gone through and made it out with more of an ambition never to ne there again or see others experience what I have experienced. To know humility, one has to be humble. Life will humble you in a way you might never imagine. To be selfless goes beyond charity work/donations&campaigns. #One_day_it_will_all_make_sense, there is a world iut there a lot of us are trying hard not to embrace. We all come from hardships, our mothers know what it means to struggle to raise children in troubled times. Our mothers know the pain of not knowing where her next meal for her children will come from. Some men make so many sacrifices to provide for their families yet, at times, it feels like those efforts are not enough….hence the rejection/resentment/bad attitude towards women and stigma begins.
What are you doing to change that which you find sad to witness on a daily basis?
What is it that you are doing to help someone who is willing to make that change on your behalf?
What are you doing with your popularity/connections and influential friends/clients. …..
Help me give aid to those I can reach out to.

Finding my way back.

It is good to find myself on these streets again. Life hasn’t been that good,the great thing about that is emerging victorious against trials and tribulations and curve balls life throws at you.

It feels good to reconnect with creative of all art forms.


The day Zulu warriors took over Joburg #1992


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More than an artist….!


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More than an artist….!

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Love my family ❤️

An experience I missed out on. Those who will come after me will know how it feels like to be loved and to belong.

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Looking for film crew to work with taking still images. Events and communications and or PR work.