"I will never be ashamed of where I come from, what I’ve been through or what I have not achieved yet in life. I will never be ashamed of my name, my surname, my father’s or mother’s origins or hardships. My past has moulded me into being the man I am working towards becoming."
Life beyond social media is as real as your AIDS/EBOLA/WAR in the Middle East……why make it even harder for those you find less privileged? Why brind someone down in a quest to stay relevant in your circles? What does that make you!?

My mantra. What I would love to practice more often and abide by each and every day.


Sit on the front row at any comedy show and you shall have ot from the comedians on stage. K.G on “how’s it hanging”? His father is a doctor, most black man habe benefited a lot from him for “enlargement” procedures that do mnot require any snipping and tucking! !!

@2TRILLION on things people do trying to stay awake in church! !! #Devine live from the Lyric on saturday!

"I’m glad I finally learned from my mistake"
The ‘Prince of one liners’ @Ya_a_seen_Him on stage during the live recording of #Divine at the Lyric

@deepfriedman done did killed everyone! ! From “Christmas jingles” to ‘christ-off’!!! mad fun.

"I come from a medical background…..my father is a doctor….. a witchc DOCTOR" #Devine live from the Lyric on saturday was an amazing show.

One of the questions of the night that almost got Casper falling off his chair….. Comedy Central Presents #Divine at the Lyric.

One of the “commandments” Atheists abide by! Casper saidbit best…..apart from being a comedy show, a few valuable lessons got shared. Respect each other and each other’s believes/religion/gods.